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Patti Smith: Advice to the Young

Patti Smith Interview from The Louisiana Channel: videos on the arts, featuring the artists!  I wish this happened at UArts!!!


Why Creative People Are So Complex by Scott Barry Kaufman

Thanks Huffington Post for providing us with a very interesting article about creative folk!

Photo Set

The Wood Brothers are quite possibly the nicest members of a band I have ever met.

Humble, down-to-earth, easy-going, and appreciative doesn’t accurately describe the band, (not to mention the members of their camp who are equally as generous, considerate, personable, and kind), and “good” can’t begin to cover the caliber of The Wood Brothers’ talent.

A few weeks ago I got a call asking if I’d like to assist a band doing a photo shoot in The Great Hall (Hamilton) on the University of the Arts’ campus.  I agreed – and at first was doing it because my boss was the one asking me – but when I found out that the band was “kind of a big deal,” I was excited.  I didn’t know that much about The Wood Brothers, other than that one third of the band was Chris Wood, of the hugely influential instrumental genre-bending trio, Medeski Martin and Wood. 

I listened to their music on the way to meet them for the shoot and was extremely impressed, not only by their musicianship, but also by what a cult following they seemed to have.  It became clear very quickly why so many people love them so much.

They have the unique capability to cross genre borders without losing momentum or fans.  They are able to put out true “American roots” music – blending folk, bluegrass, country, and blues, all while tipping their hats to some of the great influential musicians they grew up listening to.  What is most impressive, though, is how unaware they are of the fact that they are the influential musicians. 

The shoot went off without a hitch, mostly because they are so laid-back and accommodating.  I was there to help them, but they were also interested in helping me, which is rare.  We chatted about the music business, shared stories, lunch, and many hours of fun experimental shooting.  They were totally down with trying wacky, left-of-center photo set-ups, and even encouraged it.  But when they PLAYED… boy, was I sold. 

That moment, when they began to play the music that they love – the perfect combination of their genuine, earnest niceness, paired with the acoustics of The University of the Arts’ Great Hall, and of course their insane vocal and musical aptitude – gave me an unwavering sense of fluidity.  Check the video JPics took of them singing “One More Day” live at The University of the Arts’ Great Hall.  You won’t be disappointed.

From there it only got better.  They invited me to come as their guest to any of the shows on the rest of their tour, an invitation I happily accepted.  I drove out to New Hope, PA the night after the shoot to attend their packed set at Triumph Brewery, and then I drove up to New York City that Friday to attend their sold out show at Bowery Ballroom.  Epic.

I was already a fan based on what I’d heard on their recordings and in-person at the photo shoot, and their live shows only made me love them more.  These are guys playing real, uninhibited, good music.  They’re not afraid to let loose, they love their fans, their main goal is to have a good time and make music that people want to hear… and they do a wonderful job doing just that.

Their lyrics are deep, their music has soul, and their delivery is as solid and sweet as they are.  Yes, the audience (including yours truly), were completely captivated, and it’s important to note how difficult that can be A) at a rock venue, B) for a band whose genre of music is generally delivered via a much different Avenue, and C) in New York City!  These guys are true rock stars.  Though my ticket was a comp, I would gladly pay money to see Chris Wood get his dance moves on while listening to Jano’s drum solo again!

If you’re already a fan, I encourage you to continue to support these stand up gentlemen.  If you’ve never heard of them, I’ve made it very easy for you to check them out:




on iTunes

One seldom finds musicians who are not only artistically brilliant and good to the people who work for them, but also fun to be around.  I implore you to speak up and share when you come across real-deal gems such as these guys, as I’m doing now. 

The Wood Brothers are: Chris Wood (stand-up bass, harmonica), Oliver Wood (guitar), and Jano Rix (drum kit AND the infamous shuitar.  Stay tuned for their new album (which, who knows, may feature some of the photos taken at UArts) coming soon!

“Your bag of tricks as a player is a doorway to infinite possibilities.” –Chris Wood

(by Aly Mifa Solot for WRTZ)


Patti Smith Interview

Check out this great interview with Patti Smith!  She gives some great advice to aspiring young creatives.


The University of the Arts grad, Yis Goodwin (aka Nosego) opens his art show tonight at James Oliver Gallery (723 Chestnut Street) in Philadelphia.  He’s quite an incredible artist, and you shouldn’t miss this.  If you can’t make it tonight, his art will be on display through the beginning of May.

Source: nosego

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